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Can you name the location?
The old covered bridge which connected Galvin Road with the Spruces

Posted: 07/04/2001

What was the Year?

What was the Season?

Can you name any of the people?
my cousins, and brothers and sister

Can you name the location?
At the Spruces

We were originally from North Adams and my grandparents "retired" to the Spruces. Every summer from 1960 to the late 70's, my parents would send some of us kids up to stay with my grandparents for the summer. (There were 6 of us, but we would go up in twos and threes, from South Carolina) We all remember catching bullhead in the pond to the left of the bridge. My grandfather would clean them and my grandmother would thorw them in a frying pan and they would still wiggle when the pan got hot! It is beautiful country up in the Berkshires, especially in the summer. (Maybe its the memories, too)

Posted: 12/09/2002

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