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They are in the parking lot across the street from the old Adams Supermarket(Big Y) and across the street from St Anthony"s Church, Just below the bridge on Rt 2 to Williamstown. Sprague Electric in the background

Posted: 09/11/2001

Can you name any of the people?
George West, first on left (?); Earl Sherman (?), third from left; Joe Sharkey (?), far right

I believe these identifications are valid, a glance at the hard copy would have helped. If valid: West was the operator at Harriman - West Airport for several years and a well-known local pilot. Sherman and Skarkey would have been employed at Sprague Electric.

Posted: 09/12/2001

Third person from left is Ronald Paris

Posted: 09/13/2001

i believe that this is my dad, george west. although i don't recall the coat he's wearing, i think that this picture of him may have been taken in the 70's. he was killed on 08/28/78. this picture better describes the man i remember. randy trabold also took the picture of my dad and brother gary west, at the airshow in north adams on 08/27/78. it was the last picture taken of him alive: the day before he was killed. my brother was killed 5 1/2 years later, as well. the picture was edited and used in dad's obituary in the transcript the next day. i have it in a frame at home. thanks for the memories! i'd love to see more. lori west-costantino

Posted: 12/01/2003

Can you name any of the people?
the man on the left is Arthue Lemaire Sr

Can you name the location?
Big Y lot

Notice the cb radio by Art's arm. These men were part of a cb club

Posted: 01/16/2006

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