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I would say that this shot was taken from the viaduct crossing the tracks and river on Simonds road, (North St.?) Randy was facing East. Dirt road on the left leads down to Bridges Pond, and then on to the old Harwood D. Moore property at Cole Ave/North Hoosic Road. The dirt roads on the left went to the Town area for dumping wood, brush, etc.. I would guess that the coal is headed for delivery to an electricity generating plant in the east.

Posted: 03/04/2002

I goofed!!!! Dirt roads on RIGHT led to wood dump. LOL.

Posted: 01/04/2004

I would have to disagree about the location. The "dump" is West of the Rte 7 bridge, there really isn't even much land (on the south side) east of the bridge. The Interlocking (which if this was williamstown) is out of sight, which again doesn't jive. The tangent between the rte 7 bridge and the interlocking is muh shorter than this one seems to be, although some of the surrounding terrain looks similar. I can't place the location, but it gives me a feeling of being between Hoosac (greene's X'ing) and Hoosac Middle. That's only a guess based on guts, maybe the pic was taken from the rte 7 bridge there (NY rte 7?)

Posted: 02/03/2004

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